‘Without Any Doubt The Best Album We’ve Done’

Dark Forest (UK) have completed the recording of their fifth full-length album, “Oak, Ash & Thorn”. The album will be released in April 2020 via Cruz Del Sur Music.

“The recording went very well, but it was also extremely intensive,” says guitarist Christian Horton. “We had even more time to play with than the last album recording but still managed use up every last second. We were averaging about 12 hours a day recording, which was exhausting, but also greatly rewarding when you return with fresh ears the following morning and realize just how much you accomplished the previous day.”

Horton says “Oak, Ash & Thorn” may differ from previous DARK FOREST albums due to its more concise nature. This required the band (who are rounded out by vocalist Josh Winnard, guitarist Pat Jenkins and drummer Adam Sidaway) to spend more time on their compositions, resulting in a longer writing process. “It resulted in fewer songs but the benefit is having an incredibly strong album with each song being able to stand alone as an instant classic,” he says. It’s without any doubt the best album we’ve done to date. All the songs are very high-caliber. It’s classic DARK FOREST but taken up to another level.”

DARK FOREST has once again teamed with noted British illustrator Duncan Storr for the cover. Storr’s work previously graced the band’s 2016 “Beyond The Veil” studio album and according to Horton, their partnership is about to reap some truly special results in 2020.

“The artwork is all complete and ready to be unveiled very soon,” he says. “We’ve developed a great relationship with Duncan whereby I give him a general album theme and he gets to work drawing and sending me sketches along the way which in turn has an influence on the actual songwriting. The result is a perfect harmony between the music and the art.”

“Oak, Ash & Thorn” track listing:

  1. Ælfscýne
  2. Wayfarer’s Eve
  3. The Midnight Folk
  4. Relics
  5. Avalon Rising
  6. Oak, Ash & Thorn
  7. The Woodlander
  8. Eadric’s Return
  9. Heart of the Rose