Dark Forest hit the studio to record Oak, Ash & Thorn!

British epic metallers Dark Forest (UK) will enter Hellfire Studios near Burton Upon Trent to record their fifth full-length, “Oak, Ash & Thorn”. The album will be engineered by Ajeet Gill, who was responsible for the band’s 2016 effort, “Beyond The Veil”.

Since the release of “Beyond The Veil”, DARK FOREST has undergone both personal and professional transformation, with two of its members joining the ranks of fatherhood, while bassist Paul Thompson was replaced by Alex Morris of STORRSSON and HUNDRED. However, this has done little to quell the band’s creativity — DARK FOREST started to put the finishing touches on “Oak, Ash & Thorn” in the early months of 2019.

“When we are between releases, the flow of musical ideas and lyrical themes is constantly trickling along in the background until we have enough material to shape another album,” says guitarist Christian Horton. “Our songwriting has been a steady, constant stream since the formation of the band. As ever, the music is a continuation of previous albums although this time, we’ve concentrated on making the album more concise and solid. While the songs are fewer than the last album, they are probably some of the best and strongest we’ve ever written. You can expect classic DARK FOREST riffs and melodies, rousing, epic choruses and a few unexpected twists along the way.”

The “Oak, Ash & Thorn” title is taken from the Rudyard Kipling story “Puck Of Pook’s Hill” and denotes the three magical trees of England. The album art is once again being handled by the legendary Duncan Storr, the man behind the cover for “Beyond The Veil”. “Like the book, the album deals with ancestry and spiritual heritage alongside topics such as the veneration of nature and the sacred geo-mythical landscape,” notes Horton. “Just like ‘Beyond The Veil’, we worked closely with Duncan to ensure the art and music reflect each other perfectly. The artwork is complete and will be revealed soon!”

Originally formed in 2002, DARK FOREST’s self-titled debut album was released in 2009. The band joined Cruz Del Sur Music for the release of 2011’s “Dawn Of Infinity”, with 2014’s “The Awakening” and “Beyond The Veil” following thereafter.