Adam Sidaway : Drums

Adam Sidaway Dark Forest

Star Sign: Virgo
Element: Earth
Current listening: Lost Horizon – Awakening The World
Current reading: The Outsider – Colin Wilson
Inspirations: The countryside, the Black Country cut, reading, the pub
Favourite DF Songs: Wrekin Giant, The Awakening, Penda’s Fen, Undying Flame, Lore of the Land
Drink: Enville Ale
Equipment: Yamaha Stage Custom Pro Green Lacquer natural wood finish (4 tom set up), Yamaha Birch Snare, Evans heads, Natal Pro double bass drum pedals (left footed), Paiste Alpha 18″ Crashes (thin and medium), Sabian AAX 16″ Crash, Sabian AAX 14″ Hats, Paiste Alpha 18″ China, Zildjian Avedis Earth Ride 20″ Ride (an absolute mammoth of a cymbal), Regal Tip Drum Sticks, Penny Whistle